Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum


Whilst guided by the National Curriculum programmes of study and skills, and alongside carefully planned literacy and mathematics lessons, we plan a themed approach to learning using children's own inquiry skills as a starting point. Each class takes our whole school topic and makes it their own with teachers incorporating the necessary age appropriate skills from across as many subject areas as appropriate.


If something sparks children's interest they are able to follow it in depth.


This integrated approach ensures that the children enjoy and take ownership of their learning and are able to transfer skills to a variety of contexts. Wherever possible, we use first hand experiences, visits and visitors as a stimulus for learning and to plug any experience gaps.



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Key Stage 2 Curriculum





Key Stage 2 Medium Term Plans


Medium term plans are compiled using a themed approach to learning. On introducing the new whole school topic, teachers work with the children to determine what the children would like to find out. This forms the starting point for each topic.  


Whole School Topics 2017 /2018


Autumn 1   Light and dark                       

Autumn 2   Exploring the past

Spring 1     The human body                     

Spring 2     Transport and travel

Summer 1   Supersize me

Summer 2   Tall ships


Examples of the questions that each class have chosen to investigate.


Light and dark          Class 3-4R  / Class 3-4SClass 3-4C  /  Class 5-6J / Class 5-6T /  Class 6P


Exploring the past     Class 3-4R  / Class 3-4S Class 3-4C Class 5-6J / Class 5-6T /  Class 6P


The human body        Class 3-4R  / Class 3-4SClass 3-4C Class 5-6J / Class 5-6T /  Class 6P


Transport and travel  Class 3-4R  / Class 3-4S /  Class 3-4C  /  Class 5-6J / Class 5-6T /  Class 6P  / Class 6B


Supersize me            Class 3-4R  / Class 3-4SClass 3-4C  /  Class 5-6J / Class 5-6T /  Class 6P


Tall ships                 Class 3-4R  / Class 3-4S /  Class 3-4C  /  Class 5-6J / Class 5-6T /  Class 6P