Early Years


The Early Years curriculum covers children from birth to 5 years and is followed both in our Bright Stars childcare and in the school nursery and Reception class. Children in the Early Years learn through play.


There are 3 prime areas:


  • Personal Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and language

  • Physical Development


It also covers a number of specific areas:


  • Literacy skills

  • Expressive arts and design

  • Understanding of the world

  • Mathematics


Children are assessed on entry to our setting to find their own individual starting points. As well as direct teaching and activities led by staff, children are encouraged to explore the workshop areas inside and outdoors following their own interests. The Nursery and Reception classes also use the whole school topic as a starting point for learning.



Early Years Medium Term Plans


Medium term plans are compiled using a themed approach to learning. On introducing the new whole school topic, teachers work with the children to determine what the children would like to find out. This forms the starting point for each topic.  


Whole School Topics 2017 /2018


Autumn 1   Light and dark                       

Autumn 2   Exploring the past

Spring 1      The human body                     

Spring 2     Transport and travel

Summer 1   Supersize me

Summer 2   Tall ships



Examples of the questions that nursery and reception have chosen to investigate.


Light and dark                Nursery         Reception


Exploring the past          Nursery         Reception


The human body             Nursery         Reception


Transport and travel       Nursery         Reception


Supersize me                  Nursery         Reception


Tall ships                       Nursery         Reception