Throughout school, from Nursery to Year 6, all children take part in daily dedicated maths lessons which focus on improving fluency and supporting their ability to make links and to spot patterns in all areas of mathematics. Staff plan topics (see year group overviews below) and then develop these through regular practice and using problems solving and reasoning skills to support understanding.

We use a range of models and images to support children’s thinking in mathematics and to extend their reasoning skills. At all levels children use practical equipment to support their learning in new topics and they are able to continue to use these when needed. Younger children need more access to a range of practical equipment and take part in more active sessions and our youngest children access a large part of their learning through play and playful activities both inside and outside.

Plans for the dedicated session follow a simple structure and mean that children are lead through concepts linked to vocabulary and key questions at a pace suitable for the class. Topics are repeated and rehearsed through other areas of learning wherever possible and these links are referenced in planning.

Children take part in regular sessions to keep their skills sharp. Daily maths meetings are used to address mis-conceptions, to rehearse already developing skills or to act as a reminder about skills learned earlier in the year. One of the tools that our older children in particular regularly use is a memory jogger – this serves to give children a quick tour of 4 areas of their learning through quick and simple questions





















Example of Memory Jogger Year 6 Autumn Term


Each box is related to objectives the children have covered in their dedicated maths lessons from the previous day, week, topic and from the previous year. Through the use of the Memory Jogger, children are given the opportunity to retrieve previously learned information and this aids in reactivating information stored in long-term memory.

As a result of our good practice and achievement in mathematics, we are working with the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) to develop and extend the mastery approach across the school. Our Mathematics Coordinator, Mrs Swanepoel, is a mastery specialist working within the Great North Maths Hub. We also have dedicated maths leaders in each phase so that all staff can access any support they might need quickly and effectively.



Maths Planning example Reception


Maths Planning example Year 6