Welcome to Hudson Road Primary School


At Hudson Road, we are very proud of our successful and happy school community built in partnership with our children and their families.

We foster a sense of belonging to our Hudson Road "school family" where everyone is respected and able to achieve and develop in an environment that celebrates diversity and challenges prejudice.

We have high expectations for all of our pupils. We encourage children to be independent, curious learners through a pupil driven, inquiry led curriculum rich in first hand experiences.

But above all, we value each child as an individual who brings their own contribution to our school and we aim to provide a calm and caring learning environment where children can achieve their fullest potential – both academically and personally- whatever their starting point.



Mrs Cathy Westgate - Headteacher


Dropping Off and Home Time Procedure


A polite reminder for everyone

The whistle will sound at 8.45am

Classroom doors will close at 8.50am

School gate will close at 8.55am


These times allow parents enough time

 to leave the yard before the

gates are closed.

Home time gates will open at 3pm

and close at 3.30pm.

If parents are running late please inform

our school office and your child
will be kept in their class .

They will then need to be collected

from the school office.