At Hudson Road, the teaching of reading is at the heart of everything that we do. To be able to read confidently is the key to learning all across the curriculum. Reading should be a lifelong pleasure.


Our priority is to make sure that every pupil is a confident, literate young person by the time that they move to secondary school. We teach phonics using the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme and use 'Oxford Reading Tree' as our core reading scheme books.


Staff use a wide range of strategies when teaching reading skills to ensure individual success.


  • In the early years we teach letter sounds and names so that children can begin to build words. We also teach them to recognise some sight words.


  • We use banded sets of reading books to build confidence.


  • Teachers hear children read.


  • We encourage a strong home-school reading link from an early age with shared home – school reading records.


  • Staff read aloud to pupils every day to introduce them to new books and authors.


  • Regular reading challenges to motivate pupils and get them hooked on reading including author visits, library visits, workshops, book fairs, peer mentoring.


  • Pupils and staff read together often sharing and discussing books from home or from the library.


  • We have a well stocked school library.


  • Individual and small group “catch up” programmes as needed for example for new arrivals at our school.



Yearly Reading Planning Overviews for 2018-2019



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Whole School English Focus 2018-2019


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